Treatment Services


Perinatal Treatment Program

CommuniCare Health Centers
500B Jefferson Blvd., Suite 195, West Sacramento
Monday through Friday
9:00am - 12:00pm or 2:00pm to 5:00pm 
(916) 403-2970 or (530) 668-2400

The Perinatal Day Treatment Program offers comprehensive substance abuse treatment services to pregnant and parenting women with young children. The program includes individual and group therapy, Child Protective Services approved parenting classes, 12-step and basic drug education, health courses, living skills, self-care and nutrition. The Perinatal Day Treatment program works in conjunction with CPS to assist family reunification and maintenance. On-site child development services are provided to the clients and their children. They receive care and education to help them build self-esteem, enhance emotional and physical development, and stimulate growth and awareness. All children attending this program are assessed and monitored for developmental needs and/or delays.

This six to nine month program includes:

  • Transportation to and from home
  • Mandatory random drug testing
  • Individual counseling for the duration of treatment
  • Physical Exam

Chemical Dependency Program (CDP)
137 N. Cottonwood Street, Suite 1510, Woodland, CA 95695
(530) 666-8630

CDP provides a six-month program with decreasing program activity.  Throughout all phases of treatment clients are involved in drug testing.  Treatment groups are two hours long.  These groups are a combination of didactic (education) and group process.

  • Phase One: two groups per week and required twelve-step meeting attendance—four weeks in length.
  • Phase Two: one group per week—eight weeks in length.
  • Phase Three: one group per month—twelve weeks in length.

Jail Drug and Alcohol Educational Program

Pre-programming inmates to prepare them for long term treatment programs or a introducing them to treatment tools prior to release, using 12-step concept as well as other curriculum. Working with probation, public defenders office, DA, the court system and CMFG to make the appropriate discharge plan.


Driving under the Influence (DUI)

Safety Center, Incorporated

First & Multiple Offender DUI Program Locations in Yolo County

520 Cottonwood Street, #6
Woodland, CA 95695
(530) 406-2298; (530) 406-2202 fax
8:30am - 5:30pm
Monday – Friday & Saturday
English & Spanish

West Sacramento
1450 Halyard, #1A
West Sacramento, CA 95691
(916) 373-3363; (916) 373-3364 fax
8:30am - 5:30pm
Monday – Friday & Saturday
English & Russian

2121 2nd Street, #A105
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 759-0121; (530) 759-0129 fax
8:30am – 5:30pm
Monday – Friday & Saturday
English & Spanish

PC1000 Drug Court
137 N. Cottonwood Street, Suite 1510, Woodland, CA 95695
(530) 666-8630
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm

This program, operating under Penal Code Section 1000, serves clients who accept Drug Court.  Clients are assessed and referred to the appropriate treatment.  Clients are required to come to court frequently for treatment update and support.


Felony Drug Court

This adult drug court is for defendants who have been convicted of felony charges and have a history of significant drug/alcohol abuse and mental health issues. Defendants have a history of failing on traditional probation. They receive intensive supervision by the Drug Court Coordinator. Participants are given an indicated or suspended prison sentence by the judge and agree to complete the intensive drug court program.  Funding comes from Comprehensive Drug Court Implementation and Drug Court Partnership grants.