Local Mental Health Board


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The Yolo County Local Mental Health Board (LMHB) is an advisory body for the purpose of reviewing and evaluating the community's mental health needs, services, and special problems. This Board reports to the Yolo County Board of Supervisors, the local governing body, and the local Mental Health Director. Regular scheduled meetings are typically held on the fourth Monday of each month and the meeting venue rotates each month between Woodland, Davis and West Sacramento.

Local Mental Health Board Members:

District 1
June Forbes
Martha Guerrero
Bret Bandley
District 2
Robert Canning, Vice-Chair
Thomas Waltz
Nicki King
District 3
Tawny Yambrovich
Richard Bellows
James Glica-Hernandez
District 4
Robert Schelen, Chair
Janlee Wong
Caren Livingstone
District 5
Michael Hebda
Davis Campbell
Brad Anderson


Board of Supervisors Liaison
Supervisor Don Saylor

Administrative Assistant
Makayle Neuvert

Contact Information:
Click Here to send an email to the LMHB Board Chair
Click Here to send an email to Supervisor Don Saylor
Click Here to send an email to the Mental Health Director
Click Here to send an email to the LMHB Staff Support

2014 Meeting Calendar

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