CalFresh (formerly Food Stamps)

The CalFresh Program provides assistance to qualified households to purchase healthy and nutritious foods in order to meet their nutritional needs. The program issues monthly electronic benefits that can be used to buy most foods at many markets and food stores.

Click here to access the on-line CalFresh application, or apply in person at one of the following locations:

                                WOODLAND                                 WEST SACRAMENTO 
                       25 N. Cottonwood Street                500-A Jefferson Blvd., Suite 100 
                          Woodland, CA 95695                      W. Sacramento, CA 95605 
                               530-661-2750                                     916-375-6200

Am I eligible for CalFresh?
How do I apply for CalFresh?
What documents do I need for my interview?
What will I be asked during my interview?

Am I Eligible for CalFresh?

Single adults or families
may be eligible if they:

  • Do not exceed monthly income limits
  • Work full or part-time or are unemployed
  • Receive welfare or other assistance (Exception: SSI/SSP recipients are not eligible to receive CalFresh benefits. If you are unsure which type of benefits you receive, call the CalFresh Hotline for help at 877-847-3663)
  • Are elderly or disabled
  • Are a college student who works at least 20 hours a week or has a dependent under 6 years old

Students may be eligible if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Are 18-49 years old
  • Are enrolled in an institution of higher education
  • Do not exceed monthly income limits
  • Work 20+ hrs/week in paid employment
  • Are approved for State/Federal Work Study
  • Have a child under 6 years old
  • Are a single parent enrolled full time and responsible for a child under 12
  • Are placed in school by a government employment/training program for low-income individuals
You may apply for CalFresh online or in person.
1. Online
Visit MyBenefitsCalWIN to begin the application process.  Scroll down the left side of the page, hover over "Apply for Benefits" and click on "Get Started". You still will be required to be interviewed by a Public Assistance Specialist from the Department of Employment and Social Services (DESS) to complete the application process. This can be done over the phone or in person.  Review the documents needed for interview section below to be prepared for the interview.

**If you are requesting "Expedited Service" (you need food assistance immediately), apply in person at 25 N. Cottonwood Street, Woodland or 500-A Jefferson Blvd., West Sacramento. You may be able to get CalFresh assistance within 3 days of submitting your application and providing all of the required documents.

2. In person
Fill out the application here and turn it in at the Yolo County Department of Employment and Social Services (DESS) at 25 N. Cottonwood Street, Woodland or 500-A Jefferson Blvd., West Sacramento. After submitting the application you will be scheduled for an interview with a Public Assistance Specialist. Review the documents needed for interview section to be prepared for the interview.
  • Identification: a driver's license, I.D. card, passport, library card, work badge
  • Social Security numbers: for all persons living in the household
  • Proof of income: Bring pay stubs, child support orders, benefit statements
  • Proof of expenses: Bring rent receipt or mortgage statement, utility bills (telephone, heat, gas/electricity and water/sewage/garbage), child care receipts, child support payments, and proof of other expenses
  • For non-U.S. citizens: Bring a resident alien card or other proof of immigration status

What will I be asked during my interview?

  • Immigration Status:  Using CalFresh benefits will not affect your immigration status. If you do not want to tell us your immigration status, other members of your household may still be eligible to receive CalFresh benefits.  We do not share information with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).
  • Felonies:  Under federal law, fleeing felons are not eligible for benefits. People convicted after August 22, 1996 of a drug felony may not be eligible to receive benefits. Other members of the household may still receive benefits.
  • Fraud:  Individuals who have committed welfare fraud are not eligible to receive benefits. Other members of the household may still be eligible.
  • Income: Your ability to get CalFresh benefits depends on a number of factors.  Income is one factor. 


What is the amount of CalFresh benefits I could receive?
  • The amount of CalFresh benefits is determined by a number of factors.  The number of persons in your home and your household income are both factors.  There are allowable deductions.          

What foods can I buy with my EBT card?

  • Breads, cereals, fruit, meats, fish, poultry
  • Seeds and plants to produce food

You cannot buy beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes, tobacco, soap, paper products, household supplies, vitamins, medicines, or food that will be eaten in the store or is already prepared.

How will I know if my application has been approved?
  • You will be notified by mail about the approval of your application, including information about what your monthly benefits will be if approved.
How do I get my CalFresh benefits?
  • Your benefits will be available every month on a plastic electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card.
  • You will be sent an EBT card, or you can pick it up in the office where you applied for CalFresh. You will be able to select a secret code (Personal Identification Number-PIN).
  • With the EBT card and your secret code, you will be able to access your CalFresh benefits at any grocery store that has a Point of Sales (POS) device with the Quest logo.
I am an immigrant. Can my children and I apply for Calfresh?
  • Yes! All children born in the U.S. can get CalFresh if they qualify, no matter where their parents were born. Parents may qualify if they have a valid social security number and meet certain other guidelines. Parents who do not qualify themselves should apply for their children born in the U.S.
What happens if I use all my CalFresh benefits and run out of food?
  • You cannot be issued additional CalFresh benefits during the month.
  • Visit the Department of Employment and Social Services (DESS) for information about food banks and other resources in Yolo County.

What if I lose my EBT card?

  • Your EBT card can be replaced at a DESS office, or you can order a new card by calling Customer Service at 1-877-328-9677.
What do I have to report so I can continue getting CalFresh benefits?
  • You will receive a report called a SAR 7 in the mail twice a year.  You must complete this and return it by the 5th of the following month.
  • Changes to your benefit amount will be based on a number of factors, some of which are your income, housing costs and the number of people in the home. You will be notified of any benefit change by letter.
What if I disagree with an action taken by the County?
  • You have the right to appeal any decision made by the county including how your benefits were computed and any action to discontinue your benefits. Instructions for filing an appeal can be found on the back of any Notice of Action, or you can call 1-800-952-5253 (TDD call 1-800-952-8349).