Medi-Cal is health care coverage for qualifying persons who live in California who have income and resources below established limits.

For new applications, contact the Intake Call Center: 1-866-226-5415
Para solicitudes nuevas, llame el Centro de llamadas: 1-866-226-5415

For continuing cases, contact the Continuing Benefits Center: 1-855-278-1594
Para casos continuos, llame el Centro de Beneficios Continuos: 1-855-278-1594

Apply online for Medi-Cal and CalFresh (food stamps) at

For application assistance or any other local resource help dial 211 or visit 2-1-1 Yolo here.

Who is eligible for Medi-Cal?
How do I apply for Medi-Cal?
Which documents do I need to submit with my application?
How do I get help filling out the application?
What happens after I submit my application?
I want information about the Affordable Care Act

Who is eligible for Medi-Cal?
• Persons 65 or older
• Persons who are under 21 years of age
• Certain adults between 21 and 65 years of age, if they have minor children living with them
• Persons who are blind or disabled
• Pregnant women
• Persons receiving nursing home care
• Certain Refugees, Asylees, Cuban/Haitian Entrants

How to Apply?

1. Complete the application found here
    Instructions for filling out the application can be found here
*If you do not have access to a printer, applications can be picked up at the Woodland or West Sacramento locations below

2. Mail or hand deliver the the application to:
    Department of Employment and Social Services
    25 N. Cottonwood Street
    Woodland, CA 95695
    500-A Jefferson Blvd., Suite 100
    West Sacramento, CA 95691

3. Mail or bring in copies of any required documentation including:
    Proof of identity: Only one person (a parent or caretaker) in a family needs to provide an identity document. Acceptable documents include California drivers license, ID card issued by the CA DMV, U.S. citizenship or alien status document, passport, school identification card, birth certificate, marriage record, Social Security card, divorce decree, work badge, building pass, adoption record, court order for name change 
    Proof of California residency: Acceptable documents include proof of income generated in California, rent receipts, utility bill or a child’s school records. 
    Proof of income: A copy of the most recent pay stub you have. If a pay stub is not available, get a signed statement from your employer. Gross monthly income and the dates received should be on the statement OR a copy of last year’s federal income tax return. Other proof of income you may need to send include: If a person is self-employed, send last year’s federal income tax return, include Schedule C or F, or the last 3 months’ profit and loss statements; If a person has income such as disability or retirement, send copies of award letters or bank statements showing the direct deposits; If anyone gets child support and/or alimony or spousal support, send copies of the checks received or statements from the District Attorney’s Family Support Division for the last month; If anyone gets student loans or grants, send in copies of award letters or loan papers. 
    Proof of pregnancy (if applicable) from a doctor’s office or a clinic within 60 days of applying to continue receiving full Medi-Cal benefits. You do not need to send verification if you only want pregnancy related services. 
    Proof of expenses (if applicable) including child support or alimony costs. For childcare and dependent care, send receipts or cancelled checks.

I need help filling out my application
Contact the Department of Employment and Social Services
25 N. Cottonwood Street
Woodland, CA 95695
(530) 661-2750

500-A Jefferson Blvd., Suite 100
West Sacramento, CA 95691
(916) 375-6200

What happens after I submit my application?
Employment and Social Services will notify you within 10 working days that they received your application. They will give you the name of someone you can contact for more information about your application.
• You will receive a packet from the county with additional program information.
• You may receive a request for additional information that the county will need in order to determine your eligibility.
• In most instances the local social services office will determine your eligibility within 45 days and notify you in writing of that decision. An eligibility determination based on disability may take up to 90 days.
• If you are determined eligible, depending on what county you live in, you may be able to choose a health plan. Even before you know if you qualify for Medi-Cal, you can call 1-800-430-4263 (the call is free), to find out about health plans that are available in your area and to ask for an informing packet with enrollment forms.
• If you do not qualify for no-cost Medi-Cal and you wish to apply for the Healthy Families program, the local social services office will forward this application to that program.