Emergency Medical Care Committee

This Committee is responsible for an annual review of ambulance services within Yolo County, emergency medical care in the County, including CPR and respiratory training programs, and First Aid practices. Each year, a report is created and submitted to the Emergency Medical Services Authority and other agencies.

Ordinance No. 1111 (11/20/90); Resolution Nos. 02-73 (4/30/02), 05-20 (2/15/05),  
10-04 (1/12/10), and 12-140 (12/11/12).

Board of Supervisors representative:
Supervisor Don Saylor

Makeup of membership:
12 regular voting members appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors may appoint alternate members for each regular member, who shall serve in the absence of the regular member for whom he or she was appointed.

Category A: one from each hospital serving as a “base station” for Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances in or for Yolo County 
    Vinnie Ryan, Sutter-Davis Hospital, Alternate: Brian Patrick 
    Paula Green, UCDMC, Alternate: None 
    Sherri Olswang, Woodland Healthcare, Alternate: Sarah McCarthy

Category B: one representative from each incorporated city and one representative of the unincorporated area 
    Chief Shawn Kinney, City of Davis, Alternate: Paul Swanson 
    Chief Al Terrell, City of West Sacramento, Alternate: Rebecca Ramirez 
    Chief Aaron McAllister, City of Winters, Alternate: Rob Karlen 
    Deputy Chief Rick Sander, City of Woodland, Alternates: Ernie Fatta, Mark Brooks,
    Rich Thomas, Greg Robinson 
    Unincorporated Area: Vacant

Category C: one physician representative who is involved with emergency medical services in Yolo County 
    Dr. Mark Palmeri, EMS Physician, Alternate: None – Awaiting BOS Appointment

Category D: one representative nominated by the police department 
    Sgt. Kurt Zeiler, Yolo County Law Enforcement, Alternate: Lt. Carter Vaughn 

Category E: one representative of rural fire departments/districts nominated by the Yolo County Fire Chiefs’ Association 
    Chief Barry Burns, Yolo County Fire Chief’s Assoc., Alternate: Gary Fredericksen

Category F: one representative nominated by the University of California at Davis campus 
    EMCC Chair: Chief Nathan Trauernicht, UC Davis, Alternate: Steve Dunn

Category G: one representative nominated by the Yocha Dehe Winton Nation 
    Chief Gary Fredericksen, Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation Fire Dept., 
    Alternate: Kent Wickstrom

Membership terms:
4 year terms; commencing Feb 1

Frequency and time of meetings:
Third Thursday of every other month in the Walker room of the Bauer Building, 137 N. Cottonwood Street in Woodland.

How to apply to be a member of this committee:
Individuals interested in serving on this advisory body may submit an application to the Yolo County Board of Supervisors. Applications are available online. For more information please call the Clerk of the Board at (530) 666-8195.

EMCC Secretary:
Karisa Huie, 530-666-8665, karisa.huie@yolocounty.org
Date: 3rd Thursday of every other month (except for November)
8:00-9:00a.m. - Sharp
Location: Yolo County Health Department

137 N. Cottonwood St, Walker Room, Woodland

May 15, 2014
July 17, 2014
September 18, 2014
November 13, 2014 (moved up one week due to annual statewide exercise)

May 15, 2014

March 20, 2014
   AMR Yolo Community Paramedic Presentation
   YEMSA Case Review Flyer 4/30/14
   Public Health Wellness Fair Flyer

January 16, 2014

    YEMSA Area Status Report July-Dec 2013
Electronic Cigerarette Presentation
    Volunteers needed for flu clinic flyer

November 14, 2013
            YEMSA Case Review Meeting

September 19, 2013
            Yolo County Emergency room visits report 2008-2011

July 18, 2013
            YEMSA Meet and Greet Flyer
            Don't Rush to Flush Flyer

May 16, 2013

            Compression Only CPR Flyer for AMR
            Yolo EMS Orientation Flyer
            Interim Ambulance Response Times Handout

March 21, 2013
 MCI Documents 
                837 Final #50 
                837-A Final #50 
                837-B Final #50 
                837-C Final #50 
                837-D Final Website Fillable Form 
                837-E Final Website Fillable Form 
                837-F Final Website Fillable Form 
            2013 Health Council Meeting Schedule 
            Health Council Restructure Notice 
            Health & Wellness Fair Flyer 
            Affordable Care Act (ACA) Informational Flyer for Yolo County
            Compression Only CPR Flyer for AMR 
January 17, 2013
AB472 Overdose Medical Attention notice
                AMR Hands Only CPR Flyer
                AMR Mass Casualty Training        

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