College and Young Adult Immunizations


 College and Young Adult Immunizations

 The transition to adulthood is an exciting time in a young person’s life. Starting a career, getting an apartment, entering college, or joining the armed forces all offer unique rewards and challenges. Yet young adults may not know that some vaccines can make this transitional time a healthier one.

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Studying Abroad or
Traveling out of the Country

Studying abroad or vacationing in another part of the world? Depending on where you’re traveling, you may need certain vaccinations. Learn about countries where certain vaccine-preventable diseases are more common and if you might need a vaccine before you travel. Visit our International Travel Vaccination page.

Meningococcal Vaccine (Meningitis)

Meningococcal vaccines protect against most types of meningococcal disease, although they do not prevent all cases.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

HPV vaccines are recommended for all teen girls and women through age 26, who did not get all three doses of the vaccine when they were younger.

HPV vaccine is recommended for all teen boys and men through age 21, who did not get all three doses of the vaccine when they were younger. The vaccine is also recommended for gay and bisexual men (or any man who has sex with men) and men with compromised immune systems (including HIV) through age 26, if they did not get fully vaccinated when they were younger. All men may get the vaccine through age 26, and should ask their doctor if getting vaccinated is right for them.