High Profile Cases


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Below is a table of high profile case and information. For more information, please contact Chief Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Raven - jonathan.raven@yolocounty.org

NOTE: Juvenile Cases - In reading the Welfare and Institutions Code, which discusses the confidentiality of juvenile records and the Legislature's belief that confidentiality in these cases is necessary to further the rehabilitative efforts in the juvenile justice system, we believe that, absent statutory exceptions, we are precluded from providing any information or documents in juvenile matters.

Listed Court Dates/Times: If you have interest in a specific court date because you are monitoring the case and/or plan to attend court, please check the Court’s website to ensure that the date and time is still accurate.

Legend for Court Information:

995 = Defense Motion to Set Aside PX Ruling
ARR = Arraignment
BTA = Bail to Appear (The subject bailed out of custody with the promise to appear in court.)
D = Court Department
EDC = Early Disposition Conf
F/P = Further Proceeding
HRG = Hearing
HTA = Held to Answer at Preliminary Hearing
J/S = Judgment & Sentencing
JT = Jury Trial
MTN = Motion
OR = Release on Own Recognizance Hearing
OSC = Order to Show Cause
PHC = Pre Hearing Conference
Plea = Scheduled To Enter Plea (The Defendant can plead not guilty, guilty or no contest)
PTC = Misd Pre-Trial Conference
PX = Preliminary Hearing
RVIEW = Review
TRC = Trial Readiness Conference
TSC = Trial Setting Conference
WAR = Warrant Request
Note: If complaint is uploaded, you can download a PDF version of the complaint by clicking on the DA File Number. If there is no hyperlink on the file, it has not been uploaded.

Also, we try to make sure that the calendar information is as accurate as possible, however, please verify the information by checking the court's official calendar located at: http://www.yolo.courts.ca.gov/Calendars/CourtCalendar/

Defendant(s) Name DA File# Case Description Future Court Dates Other Information
Bowen, Nicholas R.
13F02702 Defendants were arrested by Davis PD for Lewd and Obscene Exhibition and Conduct.

7/9/15 9:00 D-6

Defendant will be brought from federal custody for his local hearing.

US Attorney’s Office filed federal charges against both Xu and Bowen (see press release).

Defendant was sentenced to 12 1/2 years in prison for possession of child pornography in his Federal case.

Cassidy, Brian
Defendant charged with driving under the influence causing injury; hit and run with injury; and driving while driving privilege suspended or revoked.

 EDC 7/10/15 9:00 D-6


TRC 9/16/15 9:00 D-6


9:00 D-6

Dorsey, Darnell 14F00394 Sacramento man accused of assaulting his girlfriend's child causing child's death in Davis. F/P
8:30 D-1

6/16/15 8:30 D-1
Case put over to 5/29/15 to review subpoenaed documents.
Gonzalez, Armando 14F00606 Hit and Run Fatality in Davis No Further Court Dates
Jury finds defendant guilty.

Defendant sentenced to 18 Years 8 Months to Life in state prison.
Green, Samantha  15H01239 Woodland woman arrested in the death of her infant son.  HRG
8:30 D-4

Gag order issued in this case.


Case set for further PHC as defense requests additional time to go over discovery.

Hoskins, Susan  14H03727  Wife charged with murder of her husband F/P 6/22/15
8:30 D-6

TRC 8/26/15 9:00 D-6

8:30 D-6
Court grants defense request for continuance over people's objection.  Continued to 6/22/15 for status conference.
Morejohn, Justin 12F00046 Sexual assault case by former CHP officer. F/P
1:30 D-1

Norman, Dominic 14F05609 City of Woodland Fire Department employee charged with embezzlement from employer. FP
9:00 D-8
Defendant convicted of one count of misdemeanor 503/514 PC; 3 yr probation; 80 hr community service, $824.99 restitution. Further Proceedings for defendant to show proof of completion of community service.
Nunes, Heath 14F04223 Defendant charged with multiple counts of assault with a semiautomatic firearm upon a peace officer; resisting arrest; exhibiting weapon against peace officer; and carrying a concealed weapon. Defendant was shot by a law enforcement officer at the scene. No Further Court Dates Defendant sentenced to 5 years prison.
Obrien, John 14M05353 Davis teacher charged with inappropriately touching 16 year old male student.
6/15/15 1:30 D-7

TRC 8/3/15 8:30 D-7

JT 8/10/15 8:30 D-7

Ortega, Armando 14F04332 CHP Officer arrested for domestic violence.  TRC
8:30 D-6

9:00 D-6
Defense attorney unavailable for trial, requested continuance.  Continued to 6/25/15 for TRC.
Masalta, Stephen 15F02791  Defendant charged with taking photographs of people in a Woodland church bathroom.  PX 6/19/15 8:30 D-4  Defendant plead not guilty at arraignment on 5/22/15.  PX set for 6/19/15. 
Rees, Frank 15F02047 Defendant was charged with Possession of Ammunition by person prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm; Possession of controlled substance; and Possession of controlled substance paraphernalia.
6/4/15 8:30 D-4
Defense request for continuance granted.
Snyder, David 13F00305 UCD Chemist causes explosion


No Further Court Dates


Restitution ordered. Tandem Properties $81,597 & UCD $18,162.


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