Outstanding Employees


The District Attorney's Office prides itself on having an extremely dedicated, competent, professional and capable staff. Each year, in celebration of our employees, we have staff vote for the Peer Award for Outstanding Employee in 6, separate categories: Prosecutor, Manager, Advocate, Investigator, Enforcement Officer and Professional Staff. The competition is fierce as all of our employees are valued for their professionalism and work ethic.

The 6 staff members chosen each year don’t just do their jobs well, they take the initiative to fill office and community needs and in leading by example. Their colleagues, and even their supervisors, look to them for advice and revere them for their passion and problem-solving skills. This year, District Attorney Jeff W. Reisig also passed out his own awards to staff for exemplary effort in the performance of their duties:

2013 Peer Awards

Professional Staff of the Year       Tera Lepe
Tera is a great worker that helps many people in this office. She never shies away from responsibilities and does whatever is necessary to get the job done. She always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face!

Tera is one of the unsung heroes of the office. She is always helping others to get things done - she knows what to do and where to go to get the resources that are needed and she always does so with a smile on her face.

Tera is quite a jack of all trades. She orders all of our office supplies; she processes the mail and courier; she keeps the county cars serviced, registered and accounted for; she handles the cell phone distribution and repairs; she arranges travel, training tuition and registration; she handles Traffic Court cases; she oversees the copy machines - from ordering the paper and toner for them to getting out the most difficult of paper jams; she is in charge of reporting problems to building maintenance (I saw her with a hammer the other day fixing the metal strip by the third floor stairwell!). She is in charge of keeping things in order at the Tanforan Storage facility and at the drop of a hat she goes out there to retrieve boxes of files when people need them. She is currently updating the electronic system with details of old homicide cases. While the Set-Up Division was short staffed for an extended period she handled the in-custody list for them. Whenever there are office moves, Tera is right there on her hands and knees moving furniture, equipment and even personal belongings. When office equipment and furniture get broken or obsolete, she loads them up and takes them to surplus or to the county landfill. Not to mention that she provides back-up for Vicki with Payroll, Workers' Comp Claims, Asset Forfeiture cases and Safety Meetings. This year she got a double whammy when Vicki and Wendy were both on vacation. She covered for both of them, for weeks, and she does all of this with a smile. She is very deserving of the Professional Staff of the Year award.
Advocate of the Year Estela Morales
Estela Morales is the sweetest person ever. She is so patient, understanding and helpful to everyone around her. Estela works hard and deserves to be the advocate of the year.

Always very pleasant to work with, sincerely cares about her work and the victims she contacts.
Enforcement Officer of the Year Alicia Martinez
Alicia has always been one of the hardest working employees I have seen in my professional career. She is knowledgeable, resourceful and dependable and is always ready to help. She is the role model for all enforcement officers!

Always works hard, great attitude, always willing to help.

Alicia is a wonderful asset to this office! She is reliable and hard working. She goes above and beyond to make the jobs easier for everyone.

Always available to help out a co-worker. Is the go to Enforcement Officer if there are any exigent circumstances that require immediate attention.
Investigator of the Year Ray Antar
He will be missed when he leaves. For the last year. Ray has been invaluable in investigations. He can pretty much find any body I send a sub out to. I'm tempted to sub Santa Clause just to see how good he really is.

Ray has taken the initiative to go above and beyond on cases I've asked him to look into for me. He is persistent and remembers to follow up on things without having to be reminded.

Takes care of all that is asked of him! Has handled vast majority of all General Criminal investigation requests, as well as serving subpoenas and chairing this years Fraud Fair.

Ray has been a steady presence in the Investigations Division of the office. At mid-year, after several years of good service working in the Auto Insurance Fraud Investigator Position, Ray moved into the General Criminal Unit. In the Auto Insurance Fraud Unit he had been successful in obtaining increasing amounts of grant funding to cover this position. Notably, he worked to install and maintain important surveillance equipment on the Clarksburg bridge in Southeast Yolo County through a funding partnership with the DA's office and YCSO. This is an area that has historically been a dumping ground for stolen vehicles. Ray utilized this technology on numerous occasions to identify Auto Insurance Fraud suspect and to assist other agencies in their investigations. Ray moved into the General Criminal Unit at a time in which he was the only DA Investigator. Despite this, he eagerly took on all of the assignments given to him, including the case analysis and follow up work on a public corruption case and helping to lead the fraud unit in preparing for the 6th Annual Fraud Awareness Fair. Additionally, Ray has assisted in organizing and assigning process serving duties and workload in the absence of a dedicated process server. Despite this necessary increase in workload, Ray has been a positive force; has made suggestions to improve work flow and work practices; and has provided quality work and work product.
Manager of the Year Miriam Franco
Always very pleasant to work with! Assisted Investigations on several cases/ interviews. Plus makes great food for us to enjoy!

Miriam is always supportive and understanding when we come and talk to her about things going on either at work or in our personal lives that might have an impact on our work performance. She listens, never judges and always pushes us to do our best and be efficient in the completion of our expected duties.
Prosecutor of the Year Matt De Moura
Matt is a very hardworking DDA. He is always pleasant to be around and he is always working extra to stay on top of his cases. He is one of the most dedicated attorneys I have seen and it's very inspiring to others.
Anne Busta Perpetual Award of Excellence Crystal Junge
Crystal is always smiling and in a great mood. She has a great sense of humor and has the unique ability to make everyone around her laugh. Crystal is awesome!

2012 Peer Awards

Professional Staff of the Year                                   Mike Works
Gung ho attitude, hard working, willingness to do what it takes, smart, is honest and tells you when he doesn’t know how to do something. Huge asset for the office.
Advocate of the Year Estela Morales
WOW, what can I not say about this wonderful advocate? She is absolutely great in the delivery of her services. She is calming, dedicated, passionate about advocacy, a hard worker, always available when needed. She is confident, kind, and convincing. We are very fortunate to have her in our Victim Services Program.
Enforcement Officer of the Year Paula Vaughn
Paula has taken on a role as the YONET Enforcement Officer; a role previously fulfilled with two full-time staff, and has done a remarkable job. She has streamlined many processes, re-structured core job aspects and has managed to excel in this new role. Paula’s organizational skills, tenacity and pursuit of making everything she touches better have made her a tremendous asset to both YONET and the Yolo County Gang Task Force.

Because she has found a way to lighten the workload on everyone around her, demonstrated a consistent can-do attitude, successfully accomplished the work previously done by twice as many staff, and has been a great team play for YONET, Paula Vaughn should be considered for the Enforcement Officer of the Year.
Investigator of the Year Mike Coughlin
Mike is known for reliability and tenacity. He is not new to this profession, but has the energy of a new officer when in pursuit of someone who has run afoul of the law. Mike can always be counted on to help the Investigations Division when work is backlogged. He demonstrates genuine concern for the people that work in the DA’s office—referring to them as his “DA Family.” He may seem to have a tough shell at times, but he has demonstrated time and again how much he cares for people.

Mike is at his best when the work is most challenging. He is quick to deflect personal credit or accolade—always crediting his great team. His drive to do the job well and concern for his team are what make him my selection for District Attorney Investigator of the Year.
Manager of the Year Rob Gorman
On multiple occasions Gorman has taken my phone calls or texts after work hours or on the weekend, once even while on vacation! Even though supervisors have lots of work to do, his door is always open and he takes time to explain issues.
Prosecutor of the Year Barbara Enriquez
I would like to nominate Barbara Enriquez as DDA of the year. WOW- where to start with this awesome lady? Barbara has put in thirty years with this office!!!! Barbara is an amazing person to work with. Barbara is very knowledgeable in many special fields. She will do anything it takes to get the job done!!! It is not uncommon to find her working long hours or even weekends if needed. When you ask Barbara for help, she will go up and beyond (sometimes just doWes it for you) to help. Barbara is a very fun and energetic lady and has an awesome sense of humor.
Anne Busta Perpetual Award of Excellence         Matt De Moura
Several of us would like to nominate Matt De Moura for the Annie Busta award because not only is he a pleasure to work with, he goes out of his way to foster a personal connection with those he works with. He is always ready with a smile, and is always positive no matter what the circumstances. Even when informed that he should be doing something a different way, he never takes offense. He is always professional, yet personable. For all of those reasons and more, Matt helps create a very harmonious and fun workplace. We believe our office gained a really great person when we hired Matt.

2011 Peer Awards

Professional Staff of the Year      Rachel Hunter

Rachel is WONDERFUL! You can count on her to come through on last minute or unusual requests. I really appreciate her willingness to help. Rachel Hunter not only does a great job, but always takes time out to show the ropes to us newer attorneys. She is very pleasant to work with and will stop what she is doing to answer questions for us. Rachel is always willing to go the extra mile. She is bright and knows her job but is also a big picture thinker which is very helpful and appreciated. She rarely complains. She catches errors made by the attorneys. She is a true asset to the attorneys.  

Advocate of the Year      Estela Morales
Watching the strength, dedication and poise that Estela demonstrated during the Topete trial, I watched as she interacted with all of the victims’ families and her patience and compassion was amazing. It was a very emotional trial but she was always there to tend to the needs of the family and it was obvious that the Diaz family saw her as their angel.
Enforcement Officer of the Year Dave Edwards
Dave’s smile is infectious and he always has time for questions and assistance.
Investigator of the Year Rich Johnson
Rich goes above and beyond his duties to help the attorneys. Whether it is to help us find an uncooperative victim or to sit in for an interview with a victim that is recanting, he does not complain and always makes himself available at the last minute. He never makes us feel like we are a burden to him and is always there to assist in any way possible.
Manager of the Year Michelle Serafin
Michelle is a pleasure to work with. Her patience and guidance is amazing and although she has a lot on her plate with charging and running the Misdemeanor Team, she always makes herself available for questions and leadership.
Prosecutor of the Year Ryan Couzens
Ryan is an excellent attorney who makes his job a priority and is an excellent advocate for his victims and the People. He is aggressive in his prosecution and seeks justice for his victims and the People of the State of CA.
Anne Busta Perpetual Award of Excellence     Robin Zielesch
Robin is always pleasant and easy to work with. She is always looking out for everyone in the office, whether she is making sure people are avoiding parking tickets or putting out fires by using her contacts to make sure all of our witnesses are in court at the appropriate time. She is always willing to lend a helping hand.

2010 Peer Awards

Professional Staff of the Year      Heather Temple
Heather is always willing to help out and find a file that seems it can never be found!
Advocate of the Year      Linda McCumber
Linda McCumber has been a victim advocate for many years. She has a great deal of patience for the people she serves and great dedication to the job she does. Linda McCumber has had a number of challenging cases during this last year and has done a great job in providing the necessary attention to each one. Linda is a wonderful asset to Victim Services and makes life fun throughout the office. For these reasons, and many others, Linda should be the advocate of the year.
Enforcement Officer of the Year Heidi D’Agostino
Heidi is currently the enforcement office assigned to the Consumer Fraud and Environmental Protection Division. She case here after working with the County for number of years as a Code Enforcement Officer. Four years ago, this office resurrected that division. The County agreed to fund an attorney and EO position with the promise that the division would be fully self-funded within 2-3 years. Due to the hard work and dedication of Heidi (in addition to other staff in the division, of course), the division is now self-funded. Many of the cases are investigated and prosecuted collaborative with other counties. The division works very closely with Sac County DA and has worked on a number of cases with numerous DA’s offices. Examples include slack fill cases (companies mislead consumers by having selling a product that fills only a portion of the non-transparent box), hazardous waste cases, etc.
Investigator of the Year Tanya Souza
Tanya is incredibly resourceful and willing to go the extra mile. With the investigator ranks decimated, Tanya has been willing to respond to every varied demand hoisted upon her by attorneys. Her investigations are always thorough and she has shown an ability to do what’s necessary to fulfill an attorney’s request, even if the attorney didn’t quite articulate it right.
Manager of the Year Heidi Delfin
If you are in the office before 8 am, during lunch, after 5 pm or on the weekend, you will often see Heidi Delfin trying to stay on top of her very busy desk. The secretaries she supervises do an outstanding job for our attorneys. Heidi is always willing to fill in and back up her staff as needed. Although she is “up to her eyeballs,” like the rest of us, she is always willing to take on any new task whether it’s a job that will take hours or a quick job that requires her to drop everything due to an immediate deadline. And, she accepts each task with a smile. But, she doesn’t just work on the “Secretarial” duties. Due to the short staffing of the professional staff, she picks up extra duties to ensure that PS gets the job done to support the work of this office. She is willing to do the most menial job to help out but also works on some of the most complex issues in this office (e.g., extraditions, NGIs, MDOs, etc.). Not only does she have outstanding relationships with, I’d venture to say, everyone in this office, but has a great working relationship with staff at our partner agencies. If she is awarded this honor, no doubt she will say: “This is not an award for me but one for my staff and the full professional staff.” That pretty much sums up Heidi. And, she is very generous with her jar full of truffles in her office.
Prosecutor of the Year Robin Johnson
I would like to nominate Robin Johnson as Prosecutor of the Year. Robin has taken on some incredibly complex cases and done so with great results. I don’t think any other DA was in trial as much as Ms. Johnson last year. Moreover, Ms. Johnson volunteered to take on the Career Criminal grant while managing her previous case load. She is deserving of this award. Robin tried several difficult cases in 2010 and received impressive verdicts.
Anne Busta Perpetual Award of Excellence Alicia Martinez
I would like to nominate Alicia Martinez for the Annie Busta Award. Alicia has done so much for our office and others. She is never to busy to help anyone and she always does it with a smile. In the times we are in now there are some of those people that no matter how much they have going on in their own life, will always find time to help others that are in need. Alicia Martinez is one of those people. It gives me great honor to nominate her. I would like to nominate Alicia Martinez for the Annie Busta award. Alicia is responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly in the area of audio and video discovery. She also does background checks, is our notary and is responsible for our evidence room. While she accomplishes all of her job functions with very minimal supervision, what is truly outstanding about her is the care she demonstrated towards retired Supervising Investigator Gene Burton. When Gene retired, his health was beginning to fail. For the past few years Alicia has spent time with Gene as he did not have any family in the area and his brother lives in Kentucky. When Gene needed to be moved from his apartment to an assisted living facility it was Alicia who made the arrangements and then assisted him with his finances and daily living needs. Alicia took him to his many doctor appointments, and ultimately to the hospital where she spent countless hours when he had a major health set back. Alicia Martinez was the one person who provided Gene Burton with the companionship and support he needed until he passed away on 1-23-11. I feel the compassion showed by Alicia Martinez to Gene Burton after he had retired from the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office is the ultimate example of treating our office as an extended family and is deserving of her being awarded the Annie Busta award.

2009 Peer Awards

Professional Staff of the Year Brenda Harrill
Brenda is always very helpful, easy to approach, and never complains when she is asked to do something, even if it is not her letter, she always has a smile on her face and just says "no problem, I'll take care of it".
Advocate of the Year Estela Morales
Estela has been part of the Victim Services Unit for 5 years. During those 5 years she has been she has proven to be a Do'er. She is a very hard worker who provides full advocacy for each of the clients she comes into contact with. She is also the computer graphic "guru" of the Victim Services Program., without the help she provides the unit during it's major events,  the work presented to the community would be of much lesser quality. Estela proves to be a major piece in making Victim Services the well oiled machine it is!
Enforcement Officer of the Year Angela Smith

Angela Smith is the heart and soul of the Child Abduction Unit.  Parents and families appreciate Angela’s honesty and compassion for their situation and her concern for their children’s best interest.  Parents and family members often thank Angela even after she has told them what they did not want to hear.  Her nickname in the unit is “The Parent Whisperer” because she is so successful in getting parents to cooperate, appear in court, and even return their children from other states and countries.  Angela works to give kids stability in their life and the benefit of having a relationship with their parents and family as determined by the court—to make order out of chaos.

Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig praised the work of the Child Abduction Unit and was not surprised that the mom wanted to meet with Angela.  “Angela Smith is the heart and soul of the Yolo County Child Abduction Unit.”  Many children and families have been touched by Angela’s dedication to recovering abducted children and helping families in child custody and visitation issues.

Investigator of the Year Rogelio Orozco

Rogelio is always willing to accept new assignments for the good of the organization.  Rogelio has worked in the Welfare Fraud Unit, Gang Unit, FBI Safe Streets Task Force, General Criminal, SACCATTS, back to General Criminal and now is at YONET.

Rogelio was instrumental during the investigation of a No Body Homicide.  Rogelio was reassigned to work the homicide case that involved numerous search warrants and Spanish speaking interviews.  Rogelio conducted over 50 interviews in the case.  During the investigation that required 15 hour days and, at times 7 days a week, Rogelio still made time to assist with other Spanish speaking investigations to include a sexual assault case, and translating jail calls.

He provided valuable assistance in the Winter no body homicide….came out of a task force assignment to assist in the case, listened to hours of jail conversations, assisted with follow up investigations, witness location, transportation and coordination.

Manager of the Year Wendy Wilcox
They say that “close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades,” but last year’s “almost manager of the year” Wendy Wilcox was throwing ringers all day.  No matter how busy Wendy was with her duties as the DA’s confidential secretary, or assisting with the Gang Injunction, she always made time to help with the No Body Homicide.  Wendy was responsible for all paper discovery, compiling binders, ordering documents via SDT and assisting with any last minute request.  Wendy was available any time day or night including weekends.
Prosecutor of the Year Tiffany Susz
With passion and heart Tiffany Susz takes each of her prosecutions.  Each case represents a victim of the most vulnerable type; a child.  Many times they cannot voice their pain, their hurt, their broken trust.  Tiffany gives them that voice.  Their family usually has been torn apart due to the crime that has been committed upon them all.  Tiffany must take a puzzle of heartache and make it into a case against the worst of the worst.  In 2009 Tiffany sent child molesters to prison for a combined total of 247 years.
Anne Busta Perpetual Award of Excellence Dave Edwards
Dave always goes the extra mile to help all of us in the office and continues to get his assigned work completed. He works after five and on some weekends doing Elder Abuse outreach in our community. Dave always has a smile on his face, a good attitude and makes us laugh. I feel that Dave promotes harmony in our workplace and deserves the Annie Busta award.

2008 Peer Awards

Professional Staff of the Year Lexie Kenyon
Lexie is always willing to drop what she’s doing to get the job done. Always has a smile on her face. She does whatever she is asked to do and if she can’t she will find out who can.
Advocate of the Year Laura Valdes-Virgen
For the second year in a row - Laura has always been a wonderful advocate to victims of crime. She is such a compassionate person and it shows in her interactions with the victims that she assists. In her new leadership role, I have witnessed her taking initiative to improve the unit and she always has a positive outlook and a smile on her face.
Enforcement Officer of the Year Marie Flores
Marie Flores is an asset to any unit she is assigned to. She is thorough, smart, and productive in her work and contributions to her unit and team. Marie never seeks praise or recognition but is one of the hardest workers in our unit. She is comfortable making sure everyone else is prepared for a case rather than presenting all the research and background information she gathered to prepare them
Investigator of the Year Rocky Apperson
Rocky has been with the DA’s office for approximately 7 years and has worked a variety of assignments including SAPP, Elder Abuse, Welfare Fraud twice and General Criminal twice. Rocky is currently doing backgrounds for new employees and interns and is in the process of learning fingerprint recognition in addition to his other assignments. He takes everything in his stride and maintains his unique sense of humor the entire time. Rocky is dependable and always willing to help out with his extensive knowledge that encompasses many subjects.
Manager of the Year Vicki Guerrero
Vicki always goes the extra mile. She handles more than most people realize. She oversees all payroll and human resources processes. She is involved with the Supervisors Union as the Secretary and she keeps all supervisors abreast of ongoing issues in the union. She maintains our CLETS training records, does asset forfeiture, stats for NGI, SVP and MDO’s. She has knowledge of how the entire office functions, from beginning to end. She is THE “go to” person whenever a situation arises. She always handles her tasks timely, with a smile, and she is an all around swell gal.
Prosecutor of the Year Colin Anderson
Colin is well known in the Child Abduction arena. He has been called on to speak at the California District Attorney’s Association. He has filled some big shoes left empty by Frank Meguire’s death. He has managed to make Yolo County look good up and down the State of California. He is called on for advice in Hague Cases. Yolo County District Attorney’s Office is well known for their cases in the area. We have other states calling for advice when dealing with Hague Cases.
Anne Busta Perpetual Award of Excellence Nancy Wheeler (Careaga)
Nancy Careaga fulfills the criteria for both Professional Staff and promoting harmony in the work place. She has assisted co-workers and the public with professionalism, courtesy, and expertise. She is knowledgeable in many areas of our office as well as the court’s operations. She’s asked repeatedly to do numerous odd jobs from fixing copy machines to finding supplies. If you have a question and don’t even know who to ask, everyone asks Nancy.

2007 Peer Awards

Professional Staff of the Year Rachel Hunter
Rachel Hunter is deserving of the award as the professional staff person of the year.  She made the transition into her job as a legal secretary quickly and does the job well.  She does her work in a timely manner, she is organized, she is accurate, and she assists with requests, even last minute ones, without complaint.  She is eager to help and learn.
Advocate of the Year Laura Valdes
Laura Valdes is deserving of the award as the victim/witness advocate of the year.  I don’t even know how to sum up how wonderful she is at her job.  Not only does she demonstrate a remarkable amount of patience with the victims she assists, she gives up her own time to make sure victims are supported and comfortable.  I have seen her forgo many lunches in order to participate in interviews and other requests made by attorneys.  She is a pleasure to work with always.
Enforcement Officer of the Year Tony Hurtado
Tony is always willing to help, no matter the situation. He has been called on many times for "other duties" like helping move furniture during the number of moves that needed to occur within the office. He keeps and maintains the stats for the Insurance Fraud Unit, does all of the reporting to the Department Insurance, which helps to continue the source of our funding. Tony is professional, a sharp dresser, and is thorough.  He conducts investigations, is an expert in public records searches, is trained in the AVID Video enhancement process,  and then finds time to attend the police academy at night and on the weekends.  All this with a goal of someday being a D.A. Investigator.  He represents this department well and gives a cool and confident appearance to this office.
Investigator of the Year Jim Lucero
Jim has exemplified what a hard-working, competent, and devoted employee we should all strive to be.  He is always doing whatever he can to help out the office.  Whether it be taking time to instruct us investigators in arrest control procedures, assisting the attorney staff in their case preparations, or conducting gang public awareness seminars.  Jim has been an inspiration and an example to many of us in the way he genuinely cares about the work he completes.  He is always willing to lend his time to assist whatever unit may need him despite the heavy work load and responsibilities he carries.  He has a pleasant and positive personality as well which makes it very easy to work for/with him.
Manager of the Year Miriam Franco
Miriam Franco should be recognized for ability to answer all questions thoroughly and efficiently.  Miriam trains each person very well and always makes a person feel comfortable when they have questions or concerns that need to be addressed.
Prosecutor of the Year Carolyn Palumbo
The Prosecutor of the Year is Carolyn Palumbo.  I don't think any felony attorney has spent more time in trial this past year, and she has gotten some amazing results on some of the most serious cases in the office.
Anne Busta Perpetual Award of Excellence Brenda Harill
Brenda is always doing something to make those around her smile.  Not only does she sing, dance and crack an occasional joke, she promotes harmony in other ways, always without wanting recognition.  Brenda is always the one who will go the extra mile to make sure that a birthday is celebrated, or a special event is noticed.  She has had a few really tough years and through it all she keeps on smiling.  For these reasons, I believe that she deserves the Annie Busta perpetual award of excellence.

2006 Peer Awards

Professional Staff of the Year Matthew K. Martin
"Matt Martin is a wonderful example of team spirit, can do attitude and a knowledgeable IT person (who doesn't rub it in your face). He is willing to help out anyone with a problem, IT or not."
Advocate of the Year Julia Hernandez
"Julia Hernandez is an amazing person who does the work of at least 2 people and is always compassionate, professional and will do whatever she can to help a client. She has done this thankless job for a number of years all by herself. She is truly and awesome advocate."
Enforcement Officer of the Year Bill Fiegen
"Bill Fiegen for all his hard work serving the subpoenas. He always goes above and beyond night and day to get the subpoenas served. He deals with hundreds and subpoenas and has put in many years here at the DA's office."
Investigator of the Year Bruce Naliboff
"Bruce Naliboff turns around investigation requests in less than 1 day because he personally responds to the request when no one else was available rather than calling another investigator off of a priority task to do it. He always responds with a smile and a plan for last minute requests to locate a witness for a same-day appearance."
Manager of the Year Craig Walker
"This is the second year that Craig has received a peer award.  The previous year (2005) he received the Support Staff of the Year Award.  He has continued his outstanding efforts to the next level as our Information Technology Manager."
Prosecutor of the Year Rob Gorman
"Rob is a very hard working caring prosecutor. He always puts in 100% on his cases. Rob is a big team player and very deserving of this award."

District Attorney Awards - 2006

The Annie Busta Perpetual Award of Excellence Annie Busta             
"This is a perpetual award that will remain in the office and will be past on to the new recipient every year. This award is to recognize a person who promotes the most harmony in the office. We named the award in honor of the first recipient who had worked 39 years in Yolo County and 37 of those in the District Attorney's Office. That person is Annie Busta."
Individual Leadership Award Clinton Parish
This award is presented to Clinton Parish in appreciation of his efforts to implement the District Attorney's Liaison Program with Local Law Enforcement.
Team Leadership Award Elder Protection Unit
  • Dave Akulian, Deputy District Attorney
  • Tanya Souza, Investigator
  • Dave Edwards, Enforcement Officer

This award is presented to the Elder Protection Unit for setting the standard in customer service and professionalism for all District Attorney teams to follow.

Prosecutor, Perpetual "Knock Out for Justice" Award Carolyn Palumbo
This award, passed along on a monthly basis, is presented to the Prosecutor who passionately and professionally implements the mission of the District Attorney in the court room - Seek Justice, Do Justice. The first prosecutor to receive this award and to set the standard for others to follow is Carolyn Palumbo.

Other Awards

Hi-Tech Task Force Appreciation Award Ginny Stroski
The Sacramento Valley Hi-Tech Task Force awarded Ginny Stroski for her years of service to the unit.

2005 Peer Recognition Awards
Note: The award categories were expanded from the 3 categories in previous years.

Outstanding Prosecutor Jeff W. Reisig

Current District Attorney Jeff W. Reisig (won award as a Deputy District Attorney 3 year's in a row)

For the third year in a row, the District Attorney's Office voted Jeff Reisig Attorney of the Year. Reisig was referred to as a "hard charging attorney" and "extremely knowledgeable." Reisig has been recognized as having a "tireless dedication to his job and this office." Reisig has been a prosecutor for nine years in the District Attorney's Office. Before that time, Reisig practiced civil law. In addition, DDA Reisig provides critical legal training regarding criminal street gangs to prosecutors and law enforcement officers throughout the county.

Outstanding Investigator   Dan Stroski
The Investigator of the Year was Dan Stroski. Stroski has worked in the White Collar Crime Investigations unit for eight years. His special skills as a private investigator allowed him to fill this position with the knowledge and expertise that is required in Insurance Fraud Cases. Workers Comp Fraud Cases require a lot of dedication. They are complex cases filled with technical language from the medical field. They require extensive reading of monotonous reports from the employers, doctors, insurance companies and the Department of Insurance. He views each case as a challenge. Stroski is a board member of the Northern California Fraud Investigators Association.
Outstanding Support Craig Walker
Craig Walker, Information Systems Coordinator, was voted Staff Member of the Year. Walker came to the District Attorney's Office from the Health Department where he served as an Environmental Health/Hazardous Materials Specialist. Walker was described by his co-workers as the person who keeps the office computers running with "a smile on his face and a song in the air."