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Sewage Disposal

Improper human Sewage Disposal can cause ground water contamination, pollute streams and rivers, create breeding of nuisance insects, create noxious odors, and contribute to the spread of disease.


 Biosolids Program

Biosolids have the potential to harm human health and cause environmental degradation due to the heavy metals, live pathogenic organisms, and chemical pollutants they may contain.

Drinking Water Protection

The Drinking Water Program is established to prevent waterborne disease in water wells through permitting and inspecting small public water systems to insure that only potable water is provided to water system users.


Ground Water Protection and Well Permits

Groundwater Protection and disease prevention through permitting and inspection of all new installation, repair, modification or closure of water extraction wells


Land Use Program

The Land Use Program was designed to protect the environment, public health, and the quality of life through an environmental review process of proposed land use.


Solid Waste Disposal

Solid Waste Disposal can contaminate air, land, and water when improperly disposed. Therefore, the solid waste disposal program is created to have facilities and operations comply with rules and regulations to obtain a permit to operate.