Drinking Water Program


Program Overview

The drinking water program is established to prevent waterborne disease in water wells through permitting and inspecting small public water systems to insure that only potable water is provided to water system users.

*This program does not regulate bottled water or vended water. These are regulated by the CDPH's Food and Drug Branch.


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Contact Information

Environmental Health
292 West Beamer Street
Woodland, CA 95695

8am- 12pm & 1pm-4pm

Phone: (530) 666-8646
Fax: (530) 669-1448

Email: Environmental Health

Private Organizations

Service and Responsibilities

  • Review plan checks, perform inspections, and survey small water systems.
  • Can go out and sample water to check the levels of bacteria, chemicals, and other elements in the water system.
  • Conduct field inspections for well permits  

Water Quality Monitoring Schedule
(Small Public Water Systems)

Government Resources

United Sates Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)
The USEPA has an enormous compendium of resources on ground water and drinking water.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
The CDC's website has several resources like fact sheets and graphic related to Private Ground Water Wells

Information on water quality issues not related to private wells:

California Department of Public Health

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
The FDA regulates bottled water including flavored water and nutrient-added water beverages.

United States Department of Agriculture, Water Quality Information Center