Small Public Water Systems Program

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Program Overview

The small Public Water System program is established to prevent waterborne disease in water wells through permitting and inspecting small Public Water Systems, State Small Water Systems and Calcode Water Systems to insure that only potable water is provided to water system users.

 **This program does not regulate bottled water or vended water. These are regulated by the CDPH's Food and Drug Branch. Click for additional information.


Contact Information

 Mail: Division Of Environmental Health 292 West Beamer Street
Woodland, CA 95695
Phone: (530) 666-8646
Fax: (530) 669-1448

Email: Environmental Health

Office Hours: Monday-Friday
8am- 12pm & 1pm-4pm

Non Profit Organizations


Service and Responsibilities

  • Provide assistance to Small Public Water System operators to operate their water systems.
  • Regulate domestic water systems that serve water to at least 25 people for at least 60 days a year or serve 5-199 service connections.
  • Review plans and issue Domestic Water Supply Permit.
  • Conduct sanitary surveys and inspections and take necessary enforcement  activities.
  • Conduct complain investigation against Small Public water Systems.
  • Maintain system records.
  • Provide water sampling service for a fee.

 Small Public Water System Permit or Permit Amendment Application

Domestic Water Supply permit is required in order to operate a new Public Water System.

Domestic Water Supply permit amendment is required if changes or modifications are going to be made to the existing permitted system. Changes and modifications include, but not limited to the following:

  • Adding of a new storage tank
  • Adding a new source
  • Changing the status of an existing source (e.g., from standby to active)
  • Adding or changing the treatment plan
  • Changing in classification of the Public Water System

For forms used for permit or permit amendment application, please visit Forms and Applications.

Water Quality Monitoring Schedule
(Small Public Water Systems)


Cross Connection Control Program

Cross Connections are unprotected connections between a potable water system and any source or system containing unapproved water or a substance, which is not safe. Section 7584 of California Code of Regulations states that "the water supplier shall protect the public water supply from contamination by implementation of a cross-connection control program". Each Public Water System is required to conduct a Cross Connection Control survey prior to the Domestic Water Supply permit can be issued. This survey shall be updated periodically to reflect any changes made to the system. The survey forms can be found in Form and Applications for small Public Water Systems Program.