Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Investment Board holds key to local economic viability
June 6, 2006
By Beth Gabor, Yolo County Public Information Officer

In an economically healthy region, businesses generate income to pay employees, fund continuing development and create bottom line profits. Meanwhile government, education and labor organizations provide operational guidelines. They also support workers in increasing their skills to become effective employees. In Yolo County, the Workforce Investment Board (WIB) is a critical player in that process by providing leadership on public policy for adult and youth employment issues, identifying labor market needs and developing effective and innovative responses to those needs.

The Yolo WIB is composed of influential business leaders who volunteer their time to provide guidance in the creation of a comprehensive workforce development system. The WIB provides a forum where individuals from all sectors of the workforce community can meet, exchange ideas and develop and implement positive models for economic development. Partnering with county government, local public and state agencies, labor unions, community colleges and the Office of Education, this board oversees the One-Stop Career Centers in Yolo County.
At these One-Stop Career Centers, employers can coordinate services to screen and test job applicants, arrange training, obtain research and receive out-placement services to assist them in transitioning skilled individuals into jobs at all skill levels. One-Stop Career Center services also provide a variety of resources to help job seekers find work, plan a career, prepare for interviews and receive training. Yolo County’s One-Stop Employment Centers are located in Woodland at 25 N. Cottonwood Street, and in West Sacramento at 500-A Jefferson Boulevard.
Yolo County’s dominant industries traditionally are viewed as agriculture and education. Healthcare, however, is also an important employer. As the mean age of the population increases, so too does the need for healthcare providers. Medical Human Resources administrators constantly are on the lookout for good medical staff, and encourage individuals interested in career development or a job change to take a look at healthcare professions.

As a result, members of the healthcare industry in Yolo County have taken advantage of the opportunities provided by the WIB in the form of two industry representatives: Terri LaBriola, WIB chairperson, and Ann Gennuso Newton, WIB member. Both LaBriola, Vice-President of Human Resources for Woodland Health Care, and Newton, Sutter Davis Hospital’s director of Human Resources, regularly participate in shaping the economic future of the county, as well as the broader Sacramento region, by devoting some of their focused volunteer time to membership on the Yolo Workforce Investment Bboard. LaBriola and Newton agree that their membership on the WIB has been a positive step toward building the foundation for a strong healthcare education and training workforce in Yolo County.

“Targeted economic growth in the region is key to a healthy, viable economy,” said LaBriola. “Representation on the Workforce Investment board allows participants to direct education and training programs to best represent the business needs of their community.”

Interested employers in Yolo County, and throughout the Sacramento region, can learn more about participating in the Yolo County Workforce Investment Board by contacting staff member Doug Gutaw at (530) 681-2933 or visiting