Environmental Health


Environmental Health in Yolo County 
December 20, 2012
By the Environmental Health Division

Environmental Health PhotoThe mission of the Environmental Health Division is to protect and enhance the quality of life of Yolo County residents and visitors to Yolo County by identifying, assessing, mitigating and preventing environmental hazards.

We are a division within the Yolo County Health Department devoted to educating businesses and residents about potential health issues, committed to creating an environment of healthy habits, and enforcing health and safety laws.

Our inspectors work closely with businesses helping operators meet State and Federal Health standards. We help businesses identify best operational practices and we educate operators on the importance of the health of the public and the environment for the health of their business.

Our division is divided into three program areas: Consumer Protection (Food Protection, Recreational Health, Housing and Body Art), Land and Environmental Protection (Biosolids, Drinking Water, Land Use, Solid Waste, Waste Tire, Ground Water Protection, Injection of Petroleum Waste and Sewage Disposal) and Hazardous Materials (Above Ground Storage Tanks, Hazardous Material Emergency Response, Monitoring Wells, Onsite Hazardous Waste, Hazardous Waste Generators, California Accidental Release Prevention and Underground Storage Tanks). Administrative Services support staff provide clerical and accounting services division-wide to technical staff.

Consumer Protection programs focus on safe and sanitary handling procedures of retail food facilities, personal health and hygiene of food service employees, safe and clean public swimming pools and spas, substandard housing complaints in the unincorporated areas of Yolo County, and safe and sanitary practices of body art facilities. By registration, permitting and regularly scheduled inspections, we are able to monitor health hazards and reduce the spread of disease and health risks incidents.

Land and Environmental Protection programs focus on review of new and tentative land uses for proposed water supply, sewage disposal methods and preservation of the environment. Environmental Health staff review these projects to identify possible health hazards and any environmental impact that can result from the implementation of these activities. With constant review and monitoring, we ensure safe and disease free potable water is provided by public water systems, ground water is kept uncontaminated and clean from external surface pollutants, septic systems are properly installed, repaired and intact, and solid waste is properly disposed to prevent disease.

Hazardous Materials focus on preventing hazards due to the storage and use of hazardous materials and the generation of hazardous waste. Through the various programs, we inspect businesses to ensure compliance with State and Federal requirements designed to protect people and preserve our environment and natural resources. The hazardous materials unit also responds to emergencies and monitors the cleanup of environmental contaminants.

For more information about Environmental Health programs and to receive Environmental Health bulletins, visit the division’s website at: http://www.yolocounty.org/Index.aspx?page=99.  The Environmental Health division can also be reached at (530) 666-8646.

Picture caption: Environmental Health professionals inspect a public water system to ensure it is properly constructed to protect the water from surface contamination, accidental or intentional, and that the treatment system is function adequately.