Important Updates:

Monday, June 27: The Administration Building (625 Court Street in Woodland) has been closed due to a power outage expected to last the remainder of the day.  All offices and phone lines for functions in the building are closed.  Online services, however are available (i.e. taxpayers can still make online payments or drop payments in the box in front of the building).  For urgent matters only, call (530) 666-8150 or e-mail:

The Information Technology and Telecommunications Division: is responsible for operating and supporting the voice and data networks utilized by the County departments and County customers, and developing and supporting countywide computer applications and systems.

Phone: (530) 406-5025

Helpdesk: (530) 406-5000

General goals:

  • Provide and maintain a safe, reliable and secure network.
  • Increase the return of investment on our infrastructure.
  • Emphases and growth with web technology.
  • Maintain staff productivity through work and performance measurement.
  • GIS services to county departments.
  • Assist departments to simplify their business practices.
  • Work with county departments to reach their IT initiatives.
  • Project Planning / Work Simplification
  • Desktop Support
  • System Administration
  • Email / File Storage
  • Project Management (IT side of the project)
  • Internet Access
  • Remote Access
  • GIS
  • Network Design / Management
  • Web Application Programming
  • Telephone (VM / Phone Services / Auto Attendant)