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One in six Yolo residents cannot read and write sufficiently to carry out daily activities at work and home.

Yolo Reads provides free tutoring to adults who want to improve their reading, writing, spelling, and grammar skills. Learners receive one-on-one support from volunteer tutors and free materials.


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Adult Learners

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English Conversation

Literacy in Juvenile Detention and Day Reporting Center 

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Yolo Reads, a program of the Yolo County Library, provides free tutoring to adults who want to improve their reading, writing, spelling, and grammar skills.  With a grant from the California State Library, Yolo Reads supports literacy in Yolo County communities by providing free instruction to English speaking adult learners. Learners receive one-on-one support from volunteer tutors, free materials, free computer use, and access to the Yolo County Library collections. 


Volunteer Tutors
Volunteer Tutors meet regularly with adult learners to help learners meet their personal reading and writing goals. Learner goals may include reading to grandchildren, completing a written driver license exam, writing a resume, learning to use e-mail, passing the GED, or obtaining citizenship. Tutor/Learner pairs are encouraged to meet regularly at their local library to take advantage of library space, computers, materials and resources.

Not all volunteers are tutors. Do you have special skills or interests you would like to share to support literacy? If you are interested in volunteering with Yolo Reads, let us know!

Volunteer Requirements:
• Must be 18 years of age or older.
• Interested in building a learning relationship with another adult.
• No experience necessary – training and materials will be provided.
• Meet at your convenience at least once per week for about 2 hours at your local library.
• Willingness to make a 6 month commitment. 

To Volunteer:
Call Yolo Reads at 530-666-8019 or 866-609-7303  (toll free).
Potential volunteers will be asked to complete a volunteer application, meet with library staff, and attend volunteer training.  Contact Yolo Reads for information or complete a volunteer application (PDF application) and return it to the address on the application or to LibraryVolunteer@yolocounty.org.  

literacyAdult Learners
Yolo Reads serves adult learners ages 16 and older who are not concurrently enrolled in high school. When a potential learner contacts Yolo Reads, the learner will speak with a member of the literacy staff and may be scheduled for an assessment, which will help with placement in the program. Eligible learners who have completed the assessment will be matched with a volunteer tutor.

Meet adult learners from around the state and hear their perspectives on adult literacy programs like Yolo Reads

 Learner Benefits:
• Free and Confidential assistance
• Learn at the learner's own pace.
• Set personal reading and writing goals.
• Receive one-on-one support from tutor once per week for about 2 hours each meeting.

Call to talk to literacy staff to set an appointment.
Refer a learner today! 
Call Yolo Reads at 530-666-8019 or 866-609-7303 (toll free). 
Visit California Library Literacy Services to learn more about literacy from the California State Library.

Literacy Tutoring Resources

  • Forms
    Monthly Tutor Report (Word format):  Volunteer Tutors are asked to complete a monthly tutor report by the 10th of each month.
    Roles & Goals: The Roles & Goals form is the tool we use to talk about goals. Tutors and Learners should use this form to track any goals set or met.
  • Resources
    Yolo Reads Literacy Resource List:  List of resources available through Yolo Reads, at the Yolo County Library, or online.
    Roles & Goals Curriculum:  Lesson plans are available for the most common learner goals. Plans include activities, games, reading practice, writting exersices, and vocabulary so tutors and learners have additional guidance in working to achieve goals.

    Free online tutor trainings:  Try these web based tutor trainings.
    • California Library Literacy Services online trainings include Creating a Safe Learning Environment, How to help Learners Improve Comprehension and Reasoning Skills, and Teaching Reading to Learners with Poor Phonological Skills.
    • Thinkfinity Literacy Network offers free self-paced online tutor trainings.  Register for free with the site and take the courses that interest you.  Courses include: Principles of Adult Learning; Phonemic Awareness for Adult Literacy Learners; Strategies for Strengthening Adult Learners' Vocabularies; Before, During and After--A Reading Comprehension Technique; Citizenship; and more!

Tutor with student

English Conversation Groups 

Yolo Reads has partnered with the Stephens Davis Branch Library, the Arthur F. Turner Branch Library in West Sacramento, the Esparto Regional Library, and the Winters Community Library to offer English conversation to limited English speakers. Conversation groups are facilitated by library volunteers.  Groups are free and participants can attend any session to practice their English.

Volunteer to facilitate an English conversation group. 
Volunteers facilitate a one hour English conversation group each week at the local library.  To volunteer, contact the local library or complete the volunteer application (PDF application) and return it to the local library.  If you have questions, contact the local library or Yolo Reads at 530-666-8019.

English Conversation Online Training
Volunteers who wish to become English conversation facilitators should complete the brief online training after submitting a volunteer application and speaking with a member of the library staff.  The first page outlines the steps to becoming a volunteer English conversation facilitator. 

Literacy at theYolo County Juvenile Detention Facility

Yolo Reads has partnered with the Yolo County Probation Department to provide mentoring and tutoring services to incarcerated youth. Tutoring in reading, writing and math, including GED preparation, is available to both English and Spanish speaking youth. 
Interested in learning more or volunteering?  Contact Yolo Reads at 530-666-8019 or complete a volunteer application (PDF application) and send it to LibraryVolunteer@yolocounty.org

Literacy at the Yolo County Day Reporting Center

Yolo Reads has partnered with the Yolo County Day Reporting Center to provide mentoring and tutoring services to people transitioning from probation or incarceration back to everyday life in the community. Tutoring in reading, writing and math, including GED preparation, is available to qualified participants. Training is provided and includes Day Reporting Center staff and Yolo Reads staff.  In this program, all tutoring is done on the Day Reporting Center facility during the day time, usually early afternoon.
Interested in learning more or volunteering?  Contact Yolo Reads at 530-666-8019 or complete a volunteer application (PDF application) and send it to LibraryVolunteer@yolocounty.org