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 What is a Point of Dispensing (POD) clinic site?

 The purpose of Point of Dispensing (POD) clinics is to provide locations where people can go to obtain preventive medications or vaccinations to protect themselves in a public health emergency. During a large scale disease outbreak or bioterrorism event such as anthrax release or pandemic influenza, local Health Departments may open POD sites to rapidly dispense antibiotics or vaccines to members of our community potentially exposed to the disease.

 Who should go to a POD to receive emergency medications or vaccines?

PODs are designed to provide medication that will PREVENT someone from becoming sick with a disease. Only individuals who have been exposed to a life-threatening disease will be directed to receive antibiotics or vaccines at a POD.

How will I know where to get the emergency medications or vaccines at POD sites? 

Announcements will be made through the media (e.g., television, radio, newspaper, internet) on who should come to a POD clinic site, and where and when POD clinic sites will be opened. The Yolo County Health Department has been reviewing locations in each of the major cities and rural districts throughout the county that may serve as potential POD sites including schools and community service centers.

Routine medical care is not provided in a POD. Persons who are already sick with the disease will not be able to seek treatment at a POD. Those persons who are ill and require treatment will be immediately referred to a medical clinic or the hospital.

 Will there be a fee for the medicine?

Medicines or vaccines dispensed in response to a local, state or national emergency will be free.

 What should I bring to a POD?

You will be asked the following questions about yourself and each member of your household before being given medications or vaccines:

1. History of severe allergies
2. Weights of all family members
3. A list of current medications and medical conditions

 Can I pick up medications for my infant child or disabled parent?

Yes, you may be able to pick up medications (pills) for other family members as long as you know about their allergies and medical conditions. All family members will have to come to a POD to receive a vaccine injection if that is needed.  

 Will there be medical staff at the PODs to answer questions?

POD clinics will be staffed primarily by government disaster workers, community volunteers and a limited number of medical staff. No medical care will be provided at POD sites. Individual medical screening will focus mainly on identifying persons whose medical problems or medications may interfere with the safety of the emergency medications.

Staff will hand out updated information to all attendees about the public health disease and the medications or vaccines given at the POD. In addition, the Health Department will provide public health phone numbers and web page locations for residents to get more information.